Night Time Pamper Routine!

Hey guys! This is my big attempt to try blogging on this site so please be nice to me and welcome me into your little community! I thought I’d jump straight onto to one of my favourite things, a good old pamper routine! I try to do this at least one a week especially when university is becoming overwhelming and my skin is hating me. The products below are my absolute faveeee when I want my skin to feel fresh and spot free!

So the first thing that I do is take any makeup off my face, to do this I use the cult classic that is the Micellar cleansing water (which seems to last forever?!) which really is fab for taking off makeup and not causing any sting to my face. I then use my Clean & Clear blackhead cleanser to open up dem’ pores and it also removes the last traces of the makeup that never want to leave. I then use the daily scrub by Clean & Clear on my T zone to try and coax those bloody blackhead THAT NEVER WANT TO LEAVE *breathes* and prepare dat face for the face mask life.

Speaking of face masks, lets get real, Lush is my homie on this one. Today I used the BB SEAWEED fresh face mask  (shown below) and these facemasks are LIFE. You have to keep them in the fridge and they only last about a month, however I love the fact that its cold because it feels so fresh when you put it on. I’ve got to admit, although this face mask is lovely, my favourite has to be the ‘Don’t look at me’ mask because it smells so fresh and really scrubs the face leaving my skin feeling like a baby’s bottom. You’re supposed to leave these on for 20 minutes, but I tend to leave it on as long as i can and really get the use out of that bad boy.

After I wash off this mask with a warm cloth I’m then super cheeky and I can’t tell you if this is appropriate to do, but i just quickly use the clean & clear scrub again on my nose again. This is just that I next add a nose pore scrip and I want to get rid of allllllllll my blackheads (if you could not tell by my earlier outburst) so there’s that.

The pore scrip I’m going to use is the Bioré charcoal pore strips – I got mine from Sainsbury’s – these are sooooo good. I’ll be real for a sec, these are quite expensive, I think it was around £8 for a pack of 6. So you’re probably going to be tempted to get the normal pore strips, but something about the charcoal formula really drags out the blackheads and my pores look so much smaller, and leaves my nose super smooth!

I then use a Garnier spot roll, I got this ages ago so I don’t know if you can still get it, but its really good at reducing redness for any spots I may have. I feel like its a good spot treatment if you feel that sting am I right??

After this I use another favourite which is my Lush Tea Tree toner water  this goes hard on any spots and closes up the pores, leaving me feeling so fresh I absolutely love it. However this is recommended for bad skin days and it may feel a bit strong for some people but lush offer softer toner’s as well.

Lastly its super important to moisturise, especially when your skin can be as dry as mine. I tend to use Clean & Clear again (I’m looking like a no.1 fan here sorry) because this moisturiser helps to prevent spots and blemishes which is what we all want in a moisturiser, as I think some can clog up the pores and just make your face worse.

I then use the sugar lip scrub from lush because my lips are dry as hell. I love this product because its all natural so you can lick your lips after and it tastes so so yummy, I have the buttered popcorn flavour. I then use this in partnership with my Maybelline baby lips balm. This balm is my new holy grail product at the moment. I always struggle so much with chapped and dry lips and this is so helpful in stopping that, big thanks to Maybelline from my lips for this product!

I then finish off this little pamper with my Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose replenishing hand cream. This is my absolute FAVOURITE scent from Molton Brown, it is pure happiness in a tub and leaves my hands so soft. They also do the scent in a soap form and I always get so many compliments when guests use my soap!

So thats everything! I really hope you enjoyed this post and have some new inspiration when it comes to some skin care products!

What’s your favourite skin care product?

See you soon,

Hattie xo

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