3 Product Lush Review!

Hey guys! Since its easter that means it’s revision time for exams coming up in May! *sobs* This also means my stress levels are beyond measurable, my back is aching from being bent over writing all day and my skin is crap basically. So its the perfect time for a couple of bath bombs and face masks by my fave Lush. 
So to start off I bought the Golden Egg which is a bath bomb melt. Now I have mixed feelings about this product. First off although its so so glittery and this is the pathway to my heart. But the glitter also gets EVERYWHERE, as soon as you touch it you’re gonna have glitter all over your face, your hands, your dog. This also angers my mum because it always leaves glitter all over the bath tub (oops)

Another disappointment is the colour, when I saw the egg I thought I was going to have this amazing yellow-gold bath but I was left with…snot coloured water

See, I wasn’t lying! You could slighty see some gold specks though so it wasn’t all bad! One big positive was the smell, it has cocoa butter in which I LOVE and not gonna lie, I smelt amazing afterwards which I what I am looking for in my bath bomb!

This certainly isn’t one of my fave lush items but it was a nice little Easter surprise and didn’t cost all that much either!

Second, I tried a new face mask called Brazened Honey! I went into lush looking for my favourite which is ‘Don’t look at me’ but it wasn’t in stock *sobs again*. Anyway so I asked if they had something similar and the guy recommended this! He said it has even more scrub (I would argue against this) and is great for problem prone skin!

Now this product is a real contender for my favourite I’ve gotta say. I left this on for ages and my skin was so so soft when I took this off, and it still is the next day, so a big tick for me!

Also, the smell. Oh holy Jesus this smells good, it’s citrusy but also contains honey and it smells damnnnn good! I also like that these face masks last for so many applications so it is worth the money. This is definitely a new fave and I would definitely recommend to anyone!

Lastly I used the Butterball! Now I chose this because it’s only £2.65 so by far one of the cheaper bombs and I didn’t have much to spend.

When I first put it in, I was a bit disappointed. It doesn’t give the bath any colour at all, and I do love a bit of colour so I’m not just looking at my body if you get me?

However this stuff, is magic, It contains cocoa butter and my skin was sooooo soft which is a big statement because I get very dry skin on my body! The bath bomb is also very good for relieving anger, panic and stress due to an ingredient called ‘Ylang Ylang’. This is obviously great for me as I’m in exam hell. So I’m sending my love to lush for this bath bomb, and I will definitely be repurchasing!

That’s it for this review guys! What are you loving from lush at the moment?

Lots of love,

Hats xo

6 thoughts on “3 Product Lush Review!

  1. Great post! i used to want to try this mask but i found it has paraben. i have a sensitive skin so i think this mask will not suit for me. Maybe i’ll try white bath bomb which you recommended 😀

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  2. Thank you so much! 🙂 Have you tried the Cupcake face mask? The assistant said its super good for sensitive skin and it doesn’t have paraben! (And it smells amazing). Yes you definitely should it’s a great bath bomb 🙂


  3. I know right! I went to go check on it and I was very confused hahah! I think I might have to stick to intergalactic because I know it’s always going to leave my bath a non-snot colour haha! Thank you so much 🙂

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