April Favourites!

Hey guys! Okay so I have to start this post off with an apology for my absence. Over the past 3 weeks I’ve had my second year university exams and I was stressed out to the max so I felt bad taking time from revision to even look at wordpress never mind write a blog post! Anyway they’ve finished (Yaaas) and I’m back into the blogging game! I’m also super excited because nearly all products are drug store items!

35W Morphe Palette


Okay I love this palette. A lot of people rip Morphe apart saying that due to the cost of the palette the eyeshadows must be around 50p which does not equal good quality.  Obviously these shadows aren’t going to give urban decay or too faced a run for their money but they are good shadows! The shimmery shadows in this palette are amazing and also nearly all the colours make amazing transition and blending shades which is something I was looking for in a palette and for £18 (I think) and 38 shadows you can’t really go wrong can you!

Sleek Face contour Kit – Light 884


I have been loving Sleek recently I feel like they have really upped their game to match the big drugstore brands. When i first used the contour shade I wasn’t that impressed because it went a bit muddy but I find that it just needs a really light hand. The highlighter feels a little scratchy and its a little too shimmery but it has some serious staying power and I love it on the top of my cheeks so much!

Sleek Matte Me Lip cream – Birthday Suit

Every youtuber and their dog seems to rave about this lip cream in this shade so I had to give it a go and I absolutely loved it! Its such a gorgeous shade and it applied really well and tried matte very quickly. It also wasn’t that trying for a matte lip product so a big thumbs up from me! The only issue is the applicator is a bit of a weird shape so you have to be quite careful when outlining the lips but other than that I love it!

Zoeva Luxe Color Blush – Last love

I saw another blogger talking about this on their lust list (Sorry I can’t remember who) and I just wanted it straight away. It is the peachy/coral blush I have been searching for, for months and it did not disappoint! You only need the slightest amount of product and it gives a lovely colour and a slight golden shimmer to your cheeks without being too pink and over the top. Definitely my new holy grail blush!

Nivea Men after shave balm – Sensitive

Some of you are going to see this and think is she okay this is clearly a product for men. Well if you watch Nikkie tutorial (a queen) on youtube you know she uses this a primer because it contains a ingredient that helps product stick to the skin so obviously this is perfect for a primer. Its also super cheap and makes me feel super hydrated (I also love the manly smell okay) so I love it!

Benefit – The Porefessional primer

God damn I need to stop buying stuff from benefit because its so damn expensive but the products are so good. I bought this in a sample size just to try and gosh darnit it is good. I get some really bad blackheads on my nose and quite open pores in the rest of my T zone, and with this product they basically disappear. I like using this sometimes on my no makeup days as well as it leaves my nose super soft and just makes me look a bit healthier and smooth I would say. So I’ve gone and bought the full size version haven’t I *cries*.

Real Techniques – Blush and setting brush

Real techniques can do no wrong in my eyes I love them so much. This are my absolute two favourite brushes because its so hard to get a blush brush like this that is so soft and perfectly shaped to give me a nice, subtle and even blush. I also love the smaller brush for setting powder as it is perfect for under my eyes and I don’t like to powder the whole face so with this brush I can just powder very specific areas and I love it so much! 10/10 from me!

TV show – Parks and Recreation

I love this show so goddamn much. I thought I would recommend this because during exam season I wanted a series that would take my mind of exams but also not take over my time. Each episode is only 20 minutes so I would just watch one episode whilst I ate and then I could go back to revision easily enough. It’s just such a cheerful and hilarious show and no matter what my mood it makes me happy! It also taught me the most important lesson in live, TREAT YO SELF’!

Okay so that’s it guys I hope you have enjoyed this post and hopefully I get back into the swing of blogging and I should be back with a new post real soon! What has been your april favourite and why?

Hats xo


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