Youtube Made Me Want It!

Hey guys! I’m back today with a sort of beauty wishlist! When you watch all the youtube beauty guru’s and see them using those unreachable makeup products that you day dream about. Yeah thats what this post is about *Cry*

 Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette

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Okay I think anyone can see why I would want this palette. Just LOOK AT ITS BEAUTY. Those blushes to start are so god damn beautiful I’m basically drooling. I’ve also hear amazing things about the highlighters, basically a staple for you tubers other than the Becca highlighters! The one downside is the price *one single tear flowing down my face*.

Two Faced Chocolate Bar Palette


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Okay I think this is the palette I’ve been wanting the most and you betcha it is on my birthday list. It’s all I can basically see on youtube at the moment. Infact, I’ve never heard a bad word about it! I’ve been looking for that red-plum-brown colour in the bottom right for so long, I feel like its just laughing at me now. Also, it smells of chocolate so therefore I’m automatically 90% happy with the product. You will be in my hands one day chocolate bar palette. One day.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

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So I want to thank Nikkie tutorials mainly for this one. Makeup geek do some amazing eyeshadows from what I’ve heard and there are a certain few I definitely have my eye on (shoutout to Peach Smoothie, Crème brûlée, Cocoa bear and Mocha). I know what you’re thinking, makeup geek is a really inexpensive brand but my one problem is that they only come as single pans. This means I have to buy an empty palette to store them or guaranteed I will lose them and/or break them. And, tbh I cannot justify spending any money on an empty palette because I’m stingy and I know I have some perfectly sufficient eyeshadow palettes and I don’t really need anymore. Sigh.

Anastasia Beverley Hills Contour Kit

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Sigh *heart eyes* this palette. God damn. All I’ve heard is rave after rave about how good this palette is. Basically I really like the look of this palette because they have some good shades for paler people. I find its difficult to find a contour shade that is more grey toned so give a more natural shadow. Most contour shades end up looking muddy or orangey which we all know is a not a good look. So for now I’ll be wishing on a star about this palette, but if anyone knows any dupes any contour shades for pale people please let me know!

So thats it folks! I’d just likely to quickly mention that I do not own any of these photos. In fact all these photos are taken off blogs so you should go check them out in the links provided and all credit goes to them!

I’m hoping to do a post in the future on ‘Youtube made me buy it’ if anyone would like to see that!

So that’s it from me! What product do you want from seeing youtube videos?

Hats xo

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