June Favourites!

Hey guys! so I’m back with my tail between my legs because I have not been here in agessssss (I know, I’m the worst). I thought I would have loads of free time because I finished exams in may, however part of my university course requires you to undertake a work placement for 5 weeks. I worked nearly every day and was absolutely shattered so I found I did not really have time to blog! I’m sure you can all forgive me as the placement was at dogs trust so I was helping dogs find there forever home! You can count this as my one may favourite and I absolutely loved it!

Anyway, because of my absence I have a lot of favourites for the month of june so lets get into it!

The Body Shop -Oils of Life Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil (£28)


This product is for sure sent from the gods. I first got this as a free sample through O2 priority, and the sample itself lasted me ages which is a win in itself tbh! This is a daily facial oil that can be used both morning and night. They do say that this is supposed to be used under a moisturiser, however, I used this as a base for a makeup without any moisturiser or primer and my makeup looked fab and I glowed like the gods (well slight exaggeration, someone just said my skin looked glowy). It works great with my moisturiser  for leaving overnight and also can be used with primer without collecting or caking up the rest of your makeup. My skin feels much more hydrated and the product is also good for anti-ageing (may as well start early). An overall great product (with fab packaging).

The Body Shop – Shade Adjusting Drops (£10) and Honey Bronze Drops of Sun (£12)

Damn Body Shop, back at it again with those great products (I’m so sorry). I first so these shade adjusting drops on gabby’s (velvetgh0st) youtube. So go check out her channel if you want to see these drops in action. You can use these drops to darken or lighten foundations which is so fab in summer and winter or when you just buy the wrong shade of foundation or concealer. I’ve mainly used the darkening shade as a contour by mixing the smallest amount with my foundation. It works so fab and lasts all day I loveeeee it!. The real star of the show is the liquid bronzer drops. This is such a lovely bronze shade that gives me a real (well fake) sun kissed look. With all of these drops you need the most tiny amount possible, which I think is great because this product will last you forever.

NYX Dewy Finish Setting spray (£7)

Can we first just send a thanks to the makeup gods for finally bringing NYX to the UK, because I am so happy. I picked up this setting spray not really expecting too much, the packaging is pretty cheap and I’ve never heard any hype around this product. But omg I love this product! It really does give you a fab dewy look and it lasts all damn day as well. If my contour is still holding strong then I know this setting spray is good. If you don’t want a dewy look there is also a matte version, so everyone can be happy with long lasting makeup *cheers and claps*.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – Cannes (£5.50)

On the same topic of NYX, I picked up one of the soft matte lip creams. I’ve heard some much hype from so many youtubers like Zoella, and I knew I had to try it! These lip creams are actually amazing, smooth, dries true matte with no patchiness, lasts a long time and smells like cake (I know, I’m happy too). The only negatives I can think of is it does transfer quite a bit and there is not much choice because everything is basically sold out *boos*. If you can get your hands on these lip creams then go get them for sure!

Morphe Brushes M506, M501 & M139 (Around £4.95 each)

If you haven’t checked out the brand Morphe, I urge you to check it out on beauty bay. They do such great quality products for a really small price tag, one of my holy grail makeup brands! Anyway, I’m basically always on the search for eyeshadow blending brushes, and after I saw NikkieTutorials on youtube use these brushes I thought I’d give them a go. The bigger of these brushes is such a great all round blending brush that really brings is great for creating a seamless blend from eyeshadow to eyeshadow or eyeshadow to skin. The smaller brushes are fab for applying shadows to the crease or outer corner in very small sections so you can really get that seamless gradient of colours.

Birchbox – Beauty Box Subscription (£10 per month)

This is a product/company I wouldn’t think would become a favourite of mine but it has. Its a subscription service that does some great sample and full size products from well known brands (such as benefit) and less well known products as well. I’ve found that I actually use and love many if not all of the products I get each month and I always excited at what the next month will bring. The box also has such fab packaging that changes each month which is super exciting, and also all the products come in a little drawstring bag inside the box which I love as I’ve already reused it as a travel bag for my makeup when I go on holiday.

So thats it for my monthly favourites! I hope you enjoyed this post and do tell me what you’ve been loving this month as I love recommendations! See you on the next post!

love, Hats xo

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